Porcelain Enamel Coatings

Roesch was founded as a porcelain enamel applicator. Today, our customers benefit from a single-source provider relationship that improves product function, appeal and affordability. However, we’ve never strayed from our roots and continue to evolve our porcelain enamel expertise. We offer two ways of applying porcelain enamel based upon the finished product’s materials and use including:

  • Electrostatic dry powder,
  • or robotic wet application.

Our engineers will help you determine which process will meet your need. For more on the benefits of porcelain enamel, visit our page About Porcelain Enamel.

We offer a variety of color options for parts coated in porcelain enamel

Black with speckle porcelain enamel coatingBlack with speckle porcelain enamel coating
Cobalt porcelain enamel coatingCobalt porcelain enamel coating Copper porcelain enamel coatingCopper porcelain enamel coating Brick Red porcelain enamel coatingBrick Red porcelain enamel coating
Sparkle Blue porcelain enamel coatingSparkle Blue porcelain enamel coating Sparkle White porcelain enamel coatingSparkle White porcelain enamel coating Spring Green porcelain enamel coatingSpring Green porcelain enamel coating
Stainless Steel Look porcelain enamel coatingStainless Steel Look porcelain enamel coating Blue porcleain enamel coatingBlue porcleain enamel coating Black porcelain enamel coatingBlack porcelain enamel coating

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