When you partner with Roesch for your porcelain enamel or metal fabricated product manufacturing, you can expect more than a quality product. We're here to help you:

Cut your lead times.
Long lead times do more than delay your project, they eat into your profits. Roesch is flexible, agile and responsive to your schedule.

Meet sales targets.
Profitable growth is challenging if you're unable to innovate, exceed quality and shipment demands and service customers efficiently. Roesch brings expertise and experience to ensure your products are different, built to perform and outlast alternatives.

Free-up production space and reduce inventory levels.
Space limitations and cash flow can become inhibitors to growth. Roesch has two facilities to manufacture, finish and assemble your products and ship just-in-time.

"Roesch has been an excellent supplier of enameled goods for Garland Commercial Industries. The quality of workmanship and enamel has been excellent, and deliveries have been received on time. The move to Roesch has been one of the best decisions we have made as a business, they have out-performed other suppliers we have used previously. I believe everyone here is more than pleased with the results we are seeing through our relationship with Roesch."
-Quality Manager, Garland Commercial Industries

We offer a variety of color options for parts coated in porcelain enamel

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"Hitpreet is a very knowledgeable sales and marketing professional who is highly customer focused. She has an in depth knowledge in the porcelain industry. I would recommend her to anyone looking to source their porcelain needs."
Manufacturing Technology Manager, Commercial food equipment manufacturer