At Roesch, we can manufacture and/or apply porcelain enamel to a wide variety of products. While we have decades of experience within specific industries, the beauty and functionality of porcelain enamel is in demand across countless industries.

Call us today to see how Roesch can bring an easy-to-clean, corrosion resistant, heat resistant finish to your products. Some examples include:

  • whiteboards
  • lighting fixtures
  • table tops
  • tiles / coupons
  • silk-screening


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"We just got our 530 enamel panels today. We put a set (from Roesch) in our looks awesome!!! The finish is much more glossy compared to your other panels. Very nice!"
Hearth Products
Oven control panel
 Porcelain enamel coated oven liner  stainless steel oven door liner
 porcelain enamel coated firebox liner  porcelain enamel firebox liner
 primary heat exchanger, 2 cell  primary heat exchanger
 primary heat exchanger, 3 cell  primary heat exchanger
 porcelain enamel coated cast iron stove grate  porcelain enamel coated cast iron stove grate
porcelain enamel coated heat exchanger